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Respawn 110 Gaming Chair: Useful Review

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

About six months ago. I purchased a gaming chair. The respawn 110 KV chair to be more specific and I’ve always wanted a gaming chair. I’ve always loved the racing style of it of a racing chair. I’ve always been into cars and things like that. So the bucket seed, the classic feel of that chair. I’ve always wanted but of course, the price was always a little much and I was very sceptical about the lower budget ones because I wasn’t sure.

They were that good because if the price is that far apart are the ones that are lower in budget, just Just that. But in this video, we’re going to be talking about six months of owning this respawn 110 gaming chair. That’s a mouthful and how its performed which is a weird way to describe a chair and how I feel about it and how its treated me throughout those six months.

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

Overall Thoughts

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

Okay, so overall thoughts, I’m going to give a quick synopsis of how I feel. Then I’m going to go into some specifics.I love this chair, especially for the price at the time. I think it was like, raised a little bit because of gouging reasons. I think he can get this chair for about 130 bucks. I think I paid like 150 160 not terribly expensive. For a chair. Especially a gaming chair. They are, they piece of ear or equipment or Furniture.

I guess is another way to put it that, you can pay a premium for it just like anything. But this one you’re paying an amount. That’s probably in my opinion the lowest you should pay for a gaming chair because just because it has the appeal of being cheap and The look doesn’t mean that all the things will be appealing to you and maybe you would consider saving up some money for a more expensive. One. Of course, in the future. I’m going to be looking into those more premium chairs and maybe get one if I have some disposable income to throw at it.

But right now, I feel very comfortable with this chair. I’m very happy with my purchase and it really has done me good. So some specifics. We’re going to run down a list. Of some specific things that I’ve seen that are good and bad and help you out with making a decision on a gaming chair. From someone’s perspective of having it for about six months. It’s like six, seven months, something like that, but I’m going to say six months because it’s easier to use round numbers.


So, the first thing on our list is the Comfort, which is probably the most important thing when you’re talking about a chair because your butt is sitting in it and with the pandemic and people being at home and you It’s more stuff at home and people also acquiring jobs and getting jobs. Why are you to sit for an extended period of time? This is something to really consider. And it’s the number one thing comfort and I might be a little bit harsh on it because I have been sitting for a long period for long periods of time.

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair: Comforting

There are times where I’m sitting for like 3 to 4 hours at a time and that’s never good. Regardless of the chair. You’re sitting and it’s never good. I mean, you go to on you go on a plane and their seats are not perfect. But you go on a plane, even if you’re in first class, you still have some but some issues with your back. But if I was to just say, right out the bat sitting in it for a couple hours, maybe while I’m streaming, I’ve had no issues. It’s very soft on the seat part, the butt Part, as I like to call it and the back is just fine.

It’s nice and sturdy and I love the adjusting of it. Being not clickable. So, you know, a lot of office chairs. It’s like, you have to go to the certain point where clicks into place. This is very fluent and you can choose a specific spot. This is a resistance thing, not a latch thing.

Arm Rests

Respawn 110 Gaming Chair: Arm Rests

As far as like, the arms are concerned. I do mean like this, with my elbow digging into it. And I noticed that there is a divot and it kind of pushed all the foam away from that one area, something too.Consider when you’re buying this chair because it’s at a lower price and it’s lower quality. You’re going to have certain things like that. And I noticed it on this side, as well. It’s just the inside of it, is not very, it’s not memory foam.

I can tell you that because it don’t remember anything. It just goes and it has a lot of How should I put this CRS? If you know what CRS means that? That’s what these arms are. They, they have a bad memory.


Functionality of it going back, bringing forward and the leg rest and the headrest. I found out that I don’t use the leg rest as much as I want to.I feel that’s because I’ve been working a lot on this channel and I haven’t been able to like lay down and just play games, but when I was using it, I literally threw that thing out and I was playing games, no problem with it. That would be an issue. If you’re not a gamer. This is a gaming chair and this part of it be Leg rest is made for gaming or made for just lounging.

And in this setting, if you’re not a person who likes this to be a office chair, maybe consider getting something more comfortable, like a lazy boy type chair and I will be more appealing to you. But if you’re looking for something to be diverse in gaming and office and all that stuff, this is for you.


Now. I want to get into mobility and this is basically just rolling around the quality of the wheels. The wheels are fine. I have a carpet, it’s a very hard carpet, meaning that it’s not, there’s not much fluff to it. So, as far as the wheels working, there’s like a kind of wheel on the bottom there and they work fine. They took a little bit of time to get broken in but I have no problems with them.

I think eventually I’m going to have to replace them because I noticed that they’re trying starting to wear and I guess scratches and stuff like that, which happens because they are wheels and they are on the ground. That’s something to keep in mind when you’re getting this chair or making a decision on this chair.


Next up, accessories. And I talked about the Leg rest, it’s fine. It works great. Hasn’t been a problem. I also have a used it extensively. So I don’t know the durability of it, but it has worked just fine. The other two things are the lumbar support and the headrest headrest just fine. No problems with it. When I Lounge back, its works great. I sometimes have to take it off and just when I’m laying back, it doesn’t line up with my neck. Just right. So I take it off and I put it on my neck and it works fine. It is more durable than the foam in the armrest.

But granted, I don’t lean on the pillow as much as I do arm. The other thing is the lumbar support it had. And I preface this by saying had straps that went around it, to be honest. It is a pain in the butt to deal with those straps. So I just cut them off. I literally just cut these things off. I got sick of them. All they did was literally just. Stuck. And I sent them off the functionality of the lumbar. Support has gone up. Exponentially. It’s much easier to adjust. Granted. It doesn’t stay in place. Like perfectly, but it’s much better than it was before at least in my opinion and my experience.

Final Thoughts

Now some final thoughts. I went through all the specific. My experience with the respawn 110 gaming chair and I feel like this chair is a good value for its price. And if you could get this chair for about $130, I wouldn’t pay more than 150 for it if it’s gouged or whatever. If you can get this chair for about 100, 100 to 150 that range. I think I like I said, I think it goes for 130. I would go for If that’s your budget, if you are looking to get something a little bit more durable and a little bit more comfortable.

I have a couple of friends who have the Omega chairs. Secret Labs. I believe is the name of the company. They love them. They’re in love with these chairs, but there are three to four times as much in the cost. So maybe if you were okay with your situation, right now and you want to save up your money or wait for a holiday? Wait for a birthday? Wait for something that could help you along with that financials. Burden, maybe wait and get that for me. I just wanted to get one and find one. That’s good right now.

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