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Top 5 Best Gaming Headsets

Top 5 Gaming Headsets

The top five headsets under $20. We’ve been doing a lot of roundups recently and you all seem to like it. So we thought we dive into the headset market and for those on a really tight budget. What do you mean these be perfect for you? We’re about to find out. But before we get into that, let’s hear a word from today’s wants. So as we mentioned, these are the top five headsets under 20, we’re going to be testing them seeing how well they sound and also just some of the other features that may have something that’s good for console.

Some of these are good for while other things and durability tests also because you know, what, a lot of you for 9 Rangers out there, throwing your head sets of breaking them, maybe a 20 dollar headset could be good for you.

Top 5 Gaming Headsets


Top 5 Gaming Headsets: NUBWO U3

So the first headset we have is the NUBWO U3. So this one came in 1899, keep in mind, some of these may have been gotten on promo so they could be like slightly more at the time. This video release it like twenty one, twenty two dollars, but what we have in the Box. Ox is that’s pretty much it. So it does come with a look at that. This player basically, because this is a combo Jack in case you want to plug it into your console or just simply listen to music or something along those lines.

So here’s how you can actually plug in your PC. Get the green and pink, a suicide with it. Coming with this, you get the headset. You’re probably going to see this on pretty much all of these. If one doesn’t have it on different point than out. But you have your volume slider and then the mic mute, these are all headsets my knowledge to, they all should have a mic and the actual ear cuffs but hey, I mean as far as like styling goes these are pretty clean.

They have a good nice matte black finish that feels like it’s kind of like silicone.So it’s pretty smooth. The actual cuffs definitely pretty soft picture felt  over the actual speaker is in a really nice, you know, this felt backing along the top. So it seems like that actually pretty comfortable. You can actually move the mic around.

It does not Flex or anything, this is solid I was going to break it off, but so you can move it up and down, but you can’t actually move it in the other way.

As far as Flex goes. He’s getting at that next level, be big. Pretty pretty comfy. I mean, they definitely feel like it’s $20 or less headset. But your overall though. I think these are pretty nice and I’m excited to try these ones out. All right, it’s now time to test the mic on the Nubwo U3. One thing I don’t like is it? The mic is not adjustable and position is not suitable.

Hunter Spider

Top 5 Gaming Headsets: Hunter Spider

Next is the hunter spider, which actually I’ve no idea was called hunter spider when I bought it. But this is a brand. We’ve actually heard before for like cheap headsets. They’re a pretty decent company. I would assume our open this thing up and see what we have inside. This one did come in at right at 1999. So the price point is right under $20. Where do I do the Subway sandwich? Any USB headset option?

Or this could just be pretty RGB will test out here in a minute, but we have an extra little bag in here which comes with a splitter. So all these are coming was split. Sure, so I’ll give it that. I’m inside. Here. We have instructions.

That just kind of just show that headset or headset door, expect too much of the box. It’s packaged in a bubble wrap, which is kind of cool. But yeah, here we go. Build quality. Nice Berry plastic always had this clearly capacity, but this one is most certainly a bunch of plastic. There is a little metallic look great here in still plastic. But yeah, it’s kind of cool. This is supposed to be RGB, which I’ll plug it in. To the laptop will make sure the mic test here in.

It but the mic look at that. So you can actually really hide that biker put in there. I kind of like that because there’s a lot of gaming headsets that I’ve used before that just never use the mic. And this right here. It actually hides it pretty well, but it is a pull down, my can’t really adjust it. All it is literally hard plastic and the cups feel like any other team had said, they probably feel about the same at the know, blow protecting the drivers right here.

And this band doesn’t go all the way across. It’s like kinda just right on the top of your head. I’ve seized has like this before and they normally get really uncomfortable over time. Are these heads has to be the most comfortable thing in the world? I feel like they’re going to get uncomfortable pretty quickly.

So do keep that in mind. But yeah, nothing crazy ride home about again. Volume control right here. We have the little volume knob. It’s really big. Like this is a big volume knob. See the volume knob here.

This doesn’t do anything. It just I don’t understand why they did that, that’s really dumb. So we have that, we have the mute switch and then it plugs in. As we mentioned to USB and a combo Jack, which based on this, I assume USB is literally just for RGV, which is hilarious.

But yeah, let’s go and pull this thing up and see what it sounds like. Now before we do the mic test. Look at that RGB and we were right. It is Is powered by the USB? So you have USB and the audio jack plugged in to get this head to work. I’m assuming it would wear just the audio jack, but you want that beautiful RGB. You must really need to have it plugged in. So let me go and put this headset on real quick.

And then we’re going to do a white tassel if they type it doesn’t grab them. So hello. This is the hunter spider headset. Hopefully it sounds are right. It is kind of far away from my house. So I’m not totally sure how it picks up but that no blow did pretty good being far. We’ve got six mouths. Oh, hi, this is Batman.

BEExcellent GM7

Top 5 Gaming Headsets: BEExcelent GM7

So next up. We have the BEExcellent Gm7 specification. I don’t think they really meant to do that. But yeah, this is the beexcellent GM 7px actually company that we checked out some their stuff before it was exact same packaging every single time. So once again, we have the splitter, okay? Okay, if we have used me to extension, that’s kind of cool in case you don’t end up using it.

I assume they do that just in case you’re lying like a console you have this plugin. Like your controller, they need Yard TV powered, which only he can play if you want a parody probably run this to your constant. So that’s cool. With includes that we have typical.

This is interesting. Has a clip actually like put on your shirt or something. Very simple slider, just you button. Once again and then volume slider. This one’s a lot smaller than the last head. So we just looked at. So that’s pretty nice to that. Last one, was pretty atrocious on the size of that, but I didn’t really want chords of treat hiding. Let’s go ahead.

So here grabs though. They look kind of Flesh. They do, this is head, those eggs and overall is much more basic you. Okay? Yeah. I see what they are. Jimmy would come in really small right there. I think that point I even have it, but hey, they have it. Yeah, this is pretty interesting design.

So we do the left and right and everything and yeah, like they’re actually like directional. Here comes the, looks like, but hey, I’m doing the flex test that in a break it. So I’m going to try, it feels just tight. This is actually pretty comfy. I’m not gonna lie. That’s probably companies one so far. Look at this. We have a fully flexible Mike. So I’ll better really like just put it in my mouth this time.

Not really because the other mics have actually been really good so far. So I’m gonna try to give this one. Same kind of Advantage have a little bit far. My mom wouldn’t like this. But what are we going to see what the RGV looks like? I mean, overall, I’m pretty impressed with the build quality in a sense. It’s also 1999. So within dollar of the other headsets that we’ve done so far.

I made fun of the RGB, but it’s actually pretty nice looking inside. Definitely brighter than the other one that we did and it’s a lot sleeker looking. So I’m liking this one. I would probably almost a the most. Let’s go to Mike sounds and then obviously later on the sound quality. Alright, so we’re doing a sound test now, and I have the mic probably about the same distance as before, but you know what?

I hope, this one sounds good because so far. It’s my favorite one at the microphone sound good, and it can no longer be my favorite one and I’ll be very upset.

Impal Headset (MPOW EG10)

Top 5 Gaming Headsets: Impal Headset (MPOW EG10)

The next one. Next up is an impal Headset (MPOW EG10). If you watch any of our set of videos, we love in, how they make some pretty awesome headsets for the money. This is the EG 10. Now. We wanted to get the really nice headset that our editor actually used for a long time. And that one actually comes in around $25. So, because been there for five dollars, Link in description down below, that has actually awesome.

But we’re giving this one a shot real quick. Again. This one came in and write in 19.99. Similar packing not much different but it all is enclosed in this now. So we’ll go with that. And here it is. The Empower looks like we have another splitter.

In a bag giveaway, they said this is a giveaway. And then inside, here. We also have a while instruction guide, diagnosing audio problems, things like that. So that’s kind of cool I guess. But no one really is great. But ahead set its kind of cheap looking. I’m not gonna lie. This like plastic is really cheap looking. I don’t like the silver and black, but it is what it is. We have left and right. But, yeah, there’s a little coils weird. The headband looks good.

Have a really wide head. Maybe this is good for. I don’t like, come on, guys coming down below. Like, this is a really wide head pin. I don’t understand why I refer to a fantastic. Look at the actual like set up here. So we have is a combo Jack. Once again, I use a splitter USB, for whatever lighting mode, this has. I think it’s just like a blue light or something.

Then you have another inline control volume mute. Say, filled up into special about is a lot Slimmer than some of the other ones are like the second. Let’s just see what the Fitbit feels. Like. Here we go. I mean, it feels fine. I guess it’s the feel like that’s okay because a lot of space right here is actually is not that once it’s on, it makes sense. It’s exhausted. Let’s soak this. The Mike has like adjustment points.

It doesn’t like freely moves. Let’s just like in increments. So you actually bend it and you can, yeah. Actually is bendable see feel like right in there if you want to. So the lighting is literally just a little blue light right there. I really don’t think you need an extra USB.

That honestly mission to save the money but we’re gonna go ahead and do it. Mike test real quick and see how this thing sounds. So here we are with the Empower headset, Fortnight Gamers cranking.

J Ankka

Top 5 Gaming Headsets: J Ankka

The Next one is J Ankka professional gaming headset and houses. Reading, it has led gaming lightening. It is high resolution adjustable headband, surround sound. So, you know what? I’m holding in the high standards. This one comes with a 1699. This one is actually a couple dollars cheaper than the other headsets that we checked out, you know, where to save the money. No bag has the squares Novak. This is actually one of the better looking Splitters.

We’ve seen, just like the other headsets we have to actual ports. We have a combo Jack and then we have the USB for the RGB because this one does look like, it has some mad RGB. It’s already a plus just like Matt was saying earlier, though. It does not have like an upright position. You just have to like pick it and get it out of the way. If you’re not going to use it actually cuts. The really socked.

It actually has some pretty nice mesh in here to cover the actual speakers. So, take this off. There’s not a lot of like ugly Chrome rating on me. We have .bat right there like these two pieces of other than that. It’s a nice kind of glossy black, pretty flexible as well. Just like Matt was saying earlier, you only have liked to have

Cover, which couldn’t get uncomfortable or time, but I think I’m First Impressions. It actually be pretty good. So let’s just a little bit. Just try it on. It’s not too bad. Your customers small. It’s definitely like because it gives headset. So this is also, the only had said, it does not have inline controls. They’re built on the headset, personally. I like that better. It’s a little bit weird though because they are on the back.

I think I’m used to being in the front three kind of like, I don’t know, might make them easier to see that, I guess you couldn’t go to see it anyway, so I don’t know. But anyways, yeah. The bag volume up volume down into the pits, which the based in the exact same manner ones have except it’s built into the headset is my should be selling point for some of you or it might be a point where you don’t want to buy it.

So I think we have a clear winner for RGB and is definitely this headset. It actually moves. It’s smooth and it is really bright. Like you guys can actually see the light on my hand. Yeah. This is definitely pretty good for 16.9. Real question is does the mics nrk? And once we get to the actual headset portion test, well, that sounds okay.

Let’s go. Mike. So we’re now doing the mic test of the J Anka, the Janka headset and yeah, get the mic. Try to make it’s kind of hard to tell but I don’t know. I think this one’s gonna be good. I think we could have a winner if the sound part sounds pretty good too.

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