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OFM Racing Style Best Gaming Chair Review

OFM Gaming Chair

Hi friends, family and everybody else. My name is Erin and today we’ll be reviewing, the ofm racing gaming chair, though. If a gaming chair comes in at least nine colors, including great, purple, red, green, and white and at just under $100. It offers a high back, lumbar support, flip a farm rest, and it has well over fifteen hundred five star reviews, but does it actually live up to all those reviews? Well, let’s start by talking about its best features first.

OFM Gaming Chair

The Good

OFM Racing Style Gaming Chair

Thanks to COVID-19. I began working from home a few weeks ago. And after just one day of work, I quickly realized that I needed a new chair and preferably one with some lumbar support. So, of course, I turned to Amazon after scouring Amazon for the better part of a day. I finally chose the ofm essentials racing style gaming chair. My favorite features about this ofm chair are at style, the high vac and of course, the price. It also offers a nice seat cushion, that’s fairly comfortable and well-padded the chair supports 275 pounds, and of course it can be reclined. Lowered and the reclining tension can be adjusted or locked into place.

The OK

OFM Racing Style Gaming Chair: Arm Rest Position

Now, the first okay featured is the flip of armrest. I do like that. The armrests are just static in that you can actually move them up and down and out of the way, but I’d prefer armrest with adjustable height so that can be raised and lowered. If you’re not planning to sit at a desk with this chair, then this probably won’t be an issue for you. But if you do plan on using it as a desk chair, the armrest might actually get in the way so that youIt’s good to chair.

Close enough to your desk for me. This meant I couldn’t use the armrests or it have to lower the height of my seat, so that our Mariska fit under my desk, the chair second. Okay, feature is just the assembly, it’s definitely not the most difficult chair to put together, but I could easily see some people who aren’t accustomed to putting furniture together struggle with this thing. The trick is to not tighten the arm Wrist.

All the way to the base of the chair. Until the back has been bolted and secured to the see if you tighten the armrest all the way. It can be hard to squeeze the back into the armrest and to get the bolt holes. Aligned correctly. So make sure to only finger tighten those backwards.

The Bad

OFM Racing Style Gaming Chair: Bad For Lumbar Support as it is fixed and we can not adjust it

At first, the biggest negative for the pain gaming chair is the one-size-fits-all lumbar support. Now, I do think that some people will find the lumbar support comfortable for their own personal needs and body types, but the problem is that it’s not adjustable and so it will not be a good fit for everyone. For me, personally. I found that the oath Em’s lumbar support was much too low, on my back and protruded way too much after a couple hours.

Is my back begin aching and then after a few days and at least 30 hours of using the ofm gaming chair back, pick Force going to go back to my old, crappy office chair until I could have order a new chair. On top of the lumbar support being low and sticking out pretty far. It’s also much firmer than I’d like it to be. I’d guessed that based on how low. The lumbar support is, that is most ideal for people under 59. So it’s unfortunate that it’s not adjustable or at least softer.

And another negative for this chair is the mesh Accent on the armrest. It looks nice enough, but it’s actually pretty rough. And if you’re the type of likes that, you know, rest your arms on the armrest, you might find that it’s uncomfortable after a while, unless you strictly wear long sleeve shirts, but come on, like millions of Americans, these days. I’ve been working from home.

So you guys are looking at even bother to put on clothes. Let alone a long sleeve shirt. So, overall, the open gaming chair is the right price, but it’s just an okay chair. And it could have been better. If not for the uncomfortable lumbar support if that support fits yourIt’s like well, then it can still be a pretty good choice for you, but I would not recommend this chair for bigger tall men and women who plan to use it for long gaming sessions or even work sessions.

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