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The Ultimate Guide to Buy best Gaming Monitor in 2022

Gaming Monitor

So you want to get a new gaming monitor for your gaming PC, but you feel pretty intimidated when you’re shopping and you see titles like this. It looks scary, but it’s actually really easy to understand by the end of this video. Even, if you are a complete new to gaming monitor or going to be able to shop like a pro. So, first let’s break down all the terminology that you need to know and we’re going to use this gaming monitor from gigabyte. As our primary example let’s first start with size, this is a 27 inch monitor and you’re going to find that 27 inches is a very popular size.

Gaming Monitor

Gaming Monitor

I started gaming on a 24-inch Monitor and it’s crazy. What a difference just 3 inches makes, I’d recommend getting something into a 24.32 inches with 72 inches mean The Sweet Spot and if you’re wondering what size, your current monitor is just grab some measuring tape and measure from one corner of the screen to the other. One thing that came to mind is that bigger isn’t always better because as the screen size increases pixels will need to stretch must. Of course, increase the number of pixels and that brings us to resolution.

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all pretty familiar with today’s standard resolutions 1080P and Wanting more TP and Fork AR the resolutions, you’ll most likely see when shopping for a gaming monitor put simply. Those numbers are referring to the number of pixels on your screen and be higher. The number is the better picture you are going to get now. You may recall seeing terms like h, dfh d, qh d, wqhd. Uh, d. These are terms made up by markers in an effort to simplify resolutions for the average Joe to understand.

Gaming Monitor: 24 inch Monitor

But in all reality, it’s just cause more confusion because you’ll often see these terms used interchangeably for different resolutions. This graph here shows the most common resolutions. You will see when shopping for a gaming monitor, along with the various marketing terms. You can either memorize them or just ignore them. And look for the exact resolution into product description. You might be surprised to hear that. I usually don’t recommend a 4k monitor to PC Gamers. There are two big reasons for this number.

One is cost when you find a 4K gaming monitor at a reasonable price, pay close, attention to the details. Odds are the other areas of performance such as refresh rate and response time, which we’ll get into those in a minute. They have been lowered in order to keep the price in the affordable of range and that’s fine. If you’re wanting a 4k monitor for things like watching movies or doing, Creative work, but if you want a 4k monitor that also has good performance for gaming, be prepared to Shell out a lot more cash.

Hence, why? I usually don’t recommend 4K monitors, especially when people are just getting into PC gaming. Reason, number two is potential Overkill, unless you have amazing graphics card like a 40 x 30, 80 or 39, T running anything going to sacrifice performance issues in other areas even Today the world’s most competitive Esports Gamers, who play on either 1080P or 1440p wonders? Personally. My suggestion is to aim for a 1440p monitor no bigger than a 32 inch screen.

Gaming Monitor: 27 inch Monitor

If your budget is a little bit tighter, there’s nothing wrong with a 1080p monitor as long as it comes with a high refresh rate just to avoid monitors bigger than 27 inches, for that 1080p resolution. Otherwise, you’ll likely notice a dip and image quality. Again. It’s pixels stretched out. We just heard another term, refresh rate. This is one of the most important things to pay attention to. When buying a gaming monitor. This monitor has 144 hurts refresh rate.

What does that mean? That means every second that you monitor is refreshing or redrawing, the image that is being given 144 times. Most monitors and TVs, even ones, a 4K resolution, have a 60 hertz, refresh rate, and the world of PC gaming, 60 is considered very low. But in the world of media, which is what most people are using monitors and TVs Fort. That’s plenty, because most films are shot at 24 frames per second and YouTube videos TV shows.

They’re all showing no more than 60 frames per second. There’s little need for most people to have a monitor that refreshes 144 times every single second, when only 60 frames are being sent through with gaming. However, it’s all about getting a high FPS or frames per second. Unlike movies, many of today’s James can output a high number of frames per second.

Gaming Monitor: Good image quality

Obviously, depending on your PC hardware and how aggressive, you have adjusted in game settings for your image quality. So if you have a high-powered PC, that’s outputting a game at, let’s say, 240 frames per second, but you’re playing on a 60 hertz monitor that you’re only going to see 60 frames per second because that’s the highest, it’s able to refresh.

So, what did you aim for PC gaming? You don’t want to go any lower than 75 Hertz and unless you have a high. Foreman’s graphics card, you’re not going to see a lot of return for anything above 165 Hertz. In my opinion. If you’re rocking some like a 30 90 graphics card and you have the budget and you really wanted 240 hertz monitor, then sure, go for it. But the sweet spot for most people to really aim for is 144 hurts.

If you’re someone who plays a lot of fast paced games like first-person shooters, I would prioritize refresh rate over resolution. Meaning, I would take a 1080p 144 hurts. Over a 1440p 75 Hertz monitor because it’s all about speed. Speaking of speed. Let’s quick talk about response time. You’re opting in to see numbers in these monitor titles and descriptions like five milliseconds.

One millisecond point five millisecond. That is the amount of time it takes for your monitor to react to an action, you perform. So, when you fire the gun by clicking your mouse, do you want the monitor to register that animation in five milliseconds or one Ms. Obviously? The number, the better the monitor. So, when shopping for a gaming monitor, the slowest that you would want is five milliseconds.

Gaming Monitor: G Sink

I would say it is pretty common to find and honestly, unless you are a super competitive gamer. I wouldn’t sweat too much about this number because odds are you’re good. You’re not gonna be able to tell the difference so far. We’ve talked about size resolution refresh rate and response time and knowing that stuff alone can make a huge difference in your shopping experience, but there are some other important things that you’re definitely going to want to pay attention to two terms, that you’re going to see flying around our G sink and free sync without getting into the weeds.

G-sync was developed by Nvidia and free sync was developed by AMD. These two technologies are meant to enhance your monitor by playing really nice. With today’s more modern graphics cards, g-sync is regarded as the better of the two, but it’s not that much better and it only works with Nvidia graphics cards. And video also charges manufacturers to incorporate their technology, which is why monitors that have g-sync tend to cost a little bit more.

The reason free is in freesync is because Andy made their standard open for anybody to use. Hence why you see a lot more monitors that Food. That also means that even if you have an Nvidia card, you can still take advantage of free sync, most of the time whereas AMD cards cannot take advantage of g-sync. So if you have an Nvidia card already, let’s say you’re between a monitor that is a free sync capable one or a g-sync.

One and everything else is equal to gsync monitor is going to be the better option. I do want to emphasize though that all gaming monitors are compatible with all cards. Just because Have an AMD card doesn’t mean you can’t buy a monitor that has g-sync compatibility or vice versa. It just means that if you want to enable those extra enhancements, then you will need a compatible cart.

Gaming Monitor: PC Deals

You’re still going to have a great monitor with or without those. Now, there’s one big mistake that you will want to avoid that. I made myself one buying my first gaming monitor. But before I get to that, if you are wanting to avoid paying sticker price, for your next gaming monitor, you will. Will definitely want to check out the tech audit TV deals website where new pc deals are posted every single day and we only post the absolute best of the best. So be sure to check out that site Down Below in the description and you’re going to want to bookmark that because nothing sucks more than overpaying for PC tank.

So, the mistake that I made, when I bought my first gaming monitor was that it wasn’t mountable. I wasn’t really thinking at the time, Just assume that any monitor can be mounted. That’s not the case that the case by simply looking at pictures of the monitor. It’s pretty easy to tell if you’re able to attach a third-party monitor, but you’ll usually see something about a Visa. Yes, a compatibility. Most monitors and monitor arms are compatible with each other. So I wouldn’t sweat about it too much there.

But when you are comparing the two of you just want to check the number on your monitor and just make sure that the amount that you already own or plan to buy some force that specific Dimension, which it probably will. There’s a lot to say about gaming monitors that I have not covered in this video because I don’t want this video to be 30 minutes long because I hate watching videos that are 30 minutes long, but I just wanted to cover the core fundamentals that are most important.

Gaming Monitor: 144 Hz

And when making a purchase decision, they may have questions about widescreen and curved monitors. I feel like that warns its own dedicated video. So if you haven’t, subscribe to the channel to take care of it now, so you don’t miss that. But my very fast answer is they’re both great personally. I think you’re often paying a little bit more than necessary for a monitor to be curved. Not always, but I don’t think that monitors under 32 inches really need.

Can often replace it to monitor setup, but if you’re planning on streaming from that monitor, you often run into issues, where the resolution, from what you see, from what your stream, seas are off, and you lose out on that second monitor very often in half. Wonders, but often people replace the multi-monitor setups and then, you know, you can’t monitor chat twitch chat, or your audio settings, all that kind of stuff. I like having two monitors at least frustrating person. But if I had to sum up what, I think The Sweet Spot specs, are to aim.

For terms of just having a solid gaming monitor. I would say aim for a 27-inch 1440p 144 Hertz, 1 millisecond monitor. Plan on paying somewhere in that 200, 250, 300, dollar USD range. And once you do get that monitor and you’re looking for a good webcam to pop on top for your Twitch stream, YouTube streams, whatever, check out this video right here. If you don’t want to break the bank, 11 webcams ranked best to worst. You might be surprised with.

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