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PS5 Vs Xbox Series X: Comprehensive Overview

PS5 Vs Xbox

For PS5 Vs Xbox comparison, I’ve been using both a PS5 and the Xbox series X for the past four months now. So massive, thanks to both Sony and Microsoft for sending these early units. I got a chance to finish a bunch of games on these consoles. I’ve spent dozens of hours with each and now I’m ready to give you guys my final thoughts, as to which one you should go for.

In this article I’ll be covering the design, the controller games UI special features and value, and giving you guys my thoughts on each of these after again using these for the past four plus months. Let’s study the PS5 versus the Xbox comparison.

PS5 VS Xbox


PS5 VS Xbox: Design

Starting off with the design I got to say I do actually like both a lot. So, the PS5 looks more like a console from the future with it’s spaceship style design and the LED strip not even to mention the extreme attention to detail that Sony has given it. The Xbox series X on the other hand looks more strapped into the present, but it still has a very modern look. I do like the black monolithic look that it has, as it’s very clean and very industrial.

I also like the fact that the Xbox looks good in both vertical and horizontal orientation whereas the PS5 only looks good when it’s standing up as when you put it on its side the disk version at least looks quite odd when it comes to build quality. There is no comparison the Xbox is built like a tank it feels premium, its screams quality whereas the PS5 actually feels cheap, the plastic feels flimsy and thin, the glossy middle gets scratched super easily and yeah build quality-wise.

PS5 VS Xbox: Design

The Xbox takes this one by far. I also like the Xbox is smaller. For example, I can easily put my Xbox in my TV cabinet whereas my PS5 barely even fit.

So, I gotta say if you count build quality and the size in this design equation, the Xbox series X takes this one. Moving on to the controllers, I’ve used both of these quite heavily and there’s absolutely no comparison the PS5 dual sense controller just obliterates the Xbox controller. First duel sense has some absolutely incredible haptics the Xbox controller, just vibrates but a PS5 controller gives you actual haptic feedback.

So, this is very similar to how on Android phones you have haptic feedback for when you’re typing, but on the really cheap ones, you can hear the vibration motor rattle inside your phone and the experience is just horrible. But once you get to more high-end ones, the haptic feedback literally gives you the impression that you’re pressing actual keys on the display and it’s literally the same thing with the Xbox and the PS5 controller, the best place that you can test is an Astros playroom, which is a free game that comes pre-installed with your PS5 and the haptics are so good that you can feel individual droplets of rain hitting your fingers.


PS5 VS Xbox: Functionality

Spider-Man Miles Morales does kind of use it to the point where you can kind of feel the punches, but nothing to the extent of Astros playroom. Now, the second reason why the PS4’s controller is miles better is when it comes to the triggers. So, while the Xbox controller does give you vibration feedback inside the triggers, the PS5 controller also has adaptive triggers meaning that in some games, the triggers will have different tension levels and this surprisingly does work in more games than I expected.

It works in Astros playroom of course but also in Spider-man when you’re swinging across New York city inn black ops cold war, when you’re shooting a gun and yes each gun will have a different trigger feel. In Hitman 3, you can feel the tension before you’re about to throw a coin or fire weapon, a lot more games support you that the adpater triggers, then the haptic feedback, which I found quite interesting.

PS5 VS Xbox: Built-in Speaker

Then third the PS5 controller also has a built-in speaker, which you might think is pretty useless, but as In fact, it actually adds to the immersion as you don’t necessarily hear the same sound as on your TV, but instead you only hear the sound effects. In Astros playroom, for example, you can hear how the droplets of water hit your finger, and then you can also feel them thanks to the haptic feedback.

All of that is coming from the controller itself, whereas on the TV, you will hear the storm and the rest of the game music. Also, if you’re in a party you can hear the voice chat through the controller and you can even respawn, because yes, number four the PS5 controller also has a microphone, which the Xbox lacks.

By the way, you can disable this via the mute button if you want and number five, the PS4 controller also have the touchpad, which some games do actually take really good advantage of and for the ones that don’t, it actually acts as a menu button, as the touchpad is fully pressable, the Xbox controller has none of that. Number six, the build quality, remember how I said that a PS5 feels cheap when compared to Xbox.

PS5 VS Xbox: Size

Well, this is actually the Opposites when it comes to controller, the Xbox controller feels to me like, cheaper plastic and less refined overall when compared to the PS5 controller.

However, there are two advantages that the Xbox controller does have over the PS5 and the first one is actually comfortability. So while I do find the PS5 control to be far more comfortable than a PS4 one. It is a bit too big for my hands and its a bit too fat, the Xbox controller fits my Palms perfectly.

PS5 VS Xbox: Rechargeable Battery

So, I do find it more comfortable because of that and second, the Xbox controller doesn’t have a built-in rechargeable battery like the PS5 controller does, which is actually a downgrade, but in one way, it is actually an upgrade for example, I’m actually using my old apple rechargeable batteries. I always have two on the charger and two in my Xbox controller and when the controller dies.

I simply swap them out and there you go in seconds. I am ready to go with a PS5 controller. If I don’t have a spare controller, I have to plug it into a wall charger that’s close to my sofa to be able to continue playing. Now, You do have to buy a rechargeable battery separately for the Xbox controller, but you can also buy Microsoft’s own kits but that one costs 38 pounds in the UK, which is almost the entire price of a brand new Xbox controller in itself but anyway, overall, the psf controller is just light years ahead of the Xbox controller.

However, there have been some reported issues with the Dual sense controller in terms of strick drift which you might have heard about. Apparently, Sony use the exact same joystick manufacturer as Nintendo, who also had some pretty big stick drift issues with the Nintendo switch. There’s even a class action lawsuit against Sony on this. Even Josh from our team had some pretty severe stick drip issues on his own controllers, so I can confirm that we’ve had it here, too.


PS5 VS Xbox: Games

I personally haven’t on my own PS5 controller, but it is definitely something that you should be aware of. So now, what about the games which console has better games? Well, this is where it gets tricky, the games that I played on a PS5 were Astros playroom fully finished it, Spider-Man Miles Morales fully finished it like 100%, Black Ops Cold War fully finished a campaign and mostly played zombies after.

PS5 VS Xbox: Games Hitman 3

Hitman 3 this is the game that I’m currently playing I’m trying to finish all the maps with 100% completion, so yeah, it’s a really good game. Now, the games that I played on the Xbox were Forza Horizon 4, I didn’t finish this one yet, Zoo Tycoon. So I played this one for probably about eight hours or so mostly because I was a fan of the original series, and yes, those were indeed way better and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, this is actually the game that I’ve played the most overall. So I got about 50 hours of gameplay, which is a lot for me, but that game is massive and I absolutely love it.

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