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Best Elite Strap KIWI design for Oculus Quest 2 Review

Elite Strap Kiwi Design for Oculus Quest 2

Today’s article is about the Kiwi design upgraded Elite Strap for the Oculus Quest 2. So if you’re thinking of getting an official elite strap, you really want to read this article first. So, keep reading my review.

Elite Strap Kiwi Design for Oculus Quest 2

Brief Overview

Elite Strap Kiwi Design for Oculus Quest 2

A lot of kiwi design accessories for the Oculus Quest 2, they always bring a high level of quality in their accessories that they make, so when I saw that they had made their first VR head strap for the Oculus Quest 2. I really had to check it out in the box you get the upgraded elite strap itself, which comes mostly assembled with its sidebar attachments already fitted.

You also get a plastic and foam padded rear pad that attaches onto the inside of the main strap and the thick foam padded top strap is prefixed to the rear of this head pad. Finally, there’s a large cleaning cloth and an instruction manual to guide you through the installation process.


Elite Strap Kiwi Design for Oculus Quest 2: Installation

Installation is really quick and easy, you first take the rear pad and clip it into the two slots that are located on the inside of the main head strap, you then remove any head straps you currently have on your Quest and also remove the facial interface from the headset. You then attach the side arms to the head strap onto the side rails of the Quest 2 headset and feed the thick top head strap through the top strap loop on the headset, then simply reattach the facial interface back on and you’re good to go.


Elite Strap Kiwi Design for Oculus Quest 2: Features

Kiwi design simply hasn’t copied the official elite strap, they have pretty much enhanced it with a number of really nice premium features, first of all is the whole build quality which feels really nice a lot more solid than the official elite strap. The side arms and side rail connections really attach really well and it all feels very solid the rear adjustment dial turns smoothly and it doesn’t make any nasty squeaking sounds or sounds just generally cheap in any way.

The rear pad clips in really securely and the surface area is a lot bigger than the official elite strap there is also some foam Pu leather padding on the inside similar to the rear padding of the best wind halo pad that I reviewd recently, which is nice and thick and definitely a lot more comfortable. The whole of the rear pad is attached with velcro and on removing this you notice that it’s using some really good strong quality velcro and you can also see that the top strap is also attached on this velcro strip, also the rear pad is then attached on top to give the top strap some extra security.

Now, on the top strap itself this is the most comfortable top strap you’ll ever wear, its filled with foam padding from front to back fro extra comfort and then it tapers down to a very thin piece at the front to allow you to pass it through the front loops on the headset. This padded top strap combined with the rear foam padding makes this headset super comfortable to wear.


Elite Strap Kiwi Design for Oculus Quest 2: Fitting

You can wear this head strap in the same way as you would with your official Oculus elite strap by simply placing it on top of your head and then screwing it tightly, but if you look down you’ll see on the side rails there’s this round hinge point at the front roughly, where the headset rails end and where the internal speakers are. This is where Kiwi have added another great new feature in that you can pivot the headset or the strap upwards 52 degrees.

This is enough to keep either the rear of the strap at the back of your head and then you pivot the headset upwards to speak to someone outside VR, take an eye break or have a drink or you can use this hinge to place the headset on your face first and then pull the head strap down to secure it in place similar to how you would put on a halo strap for example, it’s a really nice system and it works surprisingly well, so well that I’m surprised no one has actually done this sooner.

I find the pivot point doesn’t interfere if you want to use another vertical head strap on the side rails that you would bring over the top here. Mostly, because the hinge is solidly built for a start and the hinge point is a lot further down the headset. So all the weight is pushed up in this point, it’s not really going to accidentally pivot with the the force on the top of your head.

Elite Strap Comparison

Elite Strap Kiwi Design for Oculus Quest 2: Elite Strap Comparison

The rear pad itself is much bigger than the elite. So that makes it more supportive for larger heads, but I measured the length of my launch elite strap and the Kiwi design Elite strap and I’ll say the Oculus strap from this point to this point is roughly about 0.5 or 1 cm shorter. So, this can expand just a little bit bigger the size of the strap overall mirrors the elite strap pretty closely.

So you shouldn’t have any problems getting into any case that also supports the official elite strap and that includes the official quest 2 carry case. So, overall I think this strap is really good and if you were to put up against the official elite strap, I would this strap.

Headphone Support

If you want to use overhead earphones, because the hinge point is slightly wider than the elite strap. This does push the ear cups a little bit further away from your ears. However, both my still series arctus 3 headset and both headphones fit just about with this head strap on. You have to extend the headband much more than you would do to compensate for the much thicker top strap at the top, but there is enough space around the side rails of the strap to fit most medium sized over ear earcups.

Battery Pack Support

Elite Strap Kiwi Design for Oculus Quest 2: Battery Pack Support

The rear halo pad and the inner velcro also allows for battery pack support. The inner velcro is super strong should you want to attach any battery straps to the inside of the head pad. I tried the VR power 2 with it and it worked surprisingly well, I had to use the inner velcro to attach it to the top strap and the smaller straps were then attached on the inside of the rear pad, the wider and thicker top strap stops the butterfly tabs from folding over, or be passed through the loops. So I don’t know how secure this is, but for less frantic gameplay, it should be just fine.

Overall Impressions

Elite Strap Kiwi Design for Oculus Quest 2: Overall Impressions

So there’s a lot to like about this strap, it’s like a halfway house between the elite and the Halo strap, like the elite strap it still adds more face pressure than a Halo would. So, to compare it with a Halo strap is like, comparing apples and pears. The one issue I have with the strap is that the rear dial has this smooth plastic texture and it can be not as easy to grasp it when you turn it.

I would have loved to seen an internal battery fit inside this quite chunky rear part of the back and also, I’d like to see them actually create like an audio solution for this head strap too, but overall the Kiwi design elite strap really lives up to its upgraded branding. Its comfort options and hinge side rails really enhances and excels what the official Elite strap offers. This head strap retails for 47.99$ from kiwi design store itself.

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