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New Logitech G502 Hero Review!

Logitech G502 Hero

In this article today, we’re gonna be checking out the best seller and brand new release of the Logitech G502 hero. This is an updated version of one of logitech’s most popular mouse and one of my personal favorite mouse of all time. So today, we’re going to talk about what’s new and you know what are some of the additions to this 2018 version and kind of tie it into the current state of the g502.

Logitech G502 Hero


Logitech G502 Hero: Improvements

Four years after its initial release, so at first glance the g502 hero isn’t going to look any different from the previous two mouse that being the Proteus core and the Proteus spectrum. And that’s great because you know the expression if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and I feel personally the g502 has always been the most comfortable mouse for me. So, i’m happy the form factor didn’t change.

Now, with that being said, there are three differences in the g502 here that are going to separate it from its past releases and first off is going to be that brand new hero sensor. In this mouse, the new optical hero sensor goes from 10,000 dpi all the way up to the 60,000 dpi mark.

Now, a lot of people gonna be able to take advantage of that? No, not really but you look at a lot of the companies out there that are putting out gaming mice and 16,000 is kind of like the new standard, so this kind of re-release is going to kind of refresh that and hit the 16,000 mark like most companies are putting out. This is an improvement over the previous g502 sensor which was the pixer bmw 3366.

Logitech G502 Hero: Dpi's

I believe only went up to 12,000. For me personally I usually keep my dpi around like 2200 or so that’s what I’m most comfortable with. So I’m definitely not going to be reaching up to those higher marks anytime soon.

The second change is going to come along with the cable, this is a redesign thinner braided cable which is going to aim to prevent any sort of kinking in the cables which did occur and as you can see right here on my previous g502 mice on both of them, where I would kind of route it throughout my desk. It is there’s a major Kink going on here, you can see the braided parts are starting to fall along and the cable here is like permanently bent.

So, with the thinner version of this new cable on this mouse, this is going to be aimed to hopefully prevent that can give you guys an update now because this occurred over like three to six months that kink. So, hopefully that’s true. The third Improvement definitely pretty subtle, they just updated their logo on here. So, you have their current branding on the mouse, so that we have those three changes out of the way.


Logitech G502 Hero: Weights

Let’s just talk about the mouse itself in general, in case you’re interested in picking it up and you want to find out more about it first off this comes in at 125 grams, which is pretty light for a mouse I think. But it also comes with these modular weights that you can put in the bottom of it and the sections, underneath the master design so, you can put those weights in certain areas if you want a heavier mouse on the bottom, or on the front, or on the sides it gives you the real control here which is good.

So, by itself 125 grams then all those weights together, if you put them all in at once, they’re going to add an additional 18 grams with each little weight being 3.6 grams.


Logitech G502 Hero: Design

In terms of its design, it is pretty angular kind of a more aggressive looking gamer mouse. It comes in at 5.17 inches long by 2.69 inches wide and sits a 1.62 inches tall and the one thing about gaming mice which is different from all other gaming peripherals is this, really comes down to your specific preference in what you look for in a mouse. So, for example, with the size of this, I think for me it feels great.

I have eight inch hands from the tip of my finger tip down to the bottom of my palm. So, for my fingertip grip which I use while I’m gaming, it just feels perfect for me, like I feels right at home, I don’t cramp up or anything and, you know if you have larger hands or smaller hands, obviously finding a mouse, that is the right size and the right way is going to be best for you when I found out like four years ago before I was even doing YouTube this was released.

Logitech G502 Hero: Rubber Texture and 11 programmable buttons

I went down to my local best buy tried it out and then right from that moment fell in love with it and it just feels great in my hand I’m so used to it. So, a big thing is going to be you know how a mouse is designed and how it feels for you. On both these sides of the mice, there are these rubber texture is where your thumb and your pinky is going to kind of sit and it does have this sort of tessellated texture embedded into it for you enhanced grip and on the g502 we have 11 programmable buttons.

Quote Sniper Button

Logitech G502 Hero: Quote Sniper Button

Now, with their quote sniper button, that’s pretty much going to be like where this button is right here, where your thumb is going to sit. This is going to lower your dpi to the lowest setting that you set it at inside the software and I love this because no matter what game you’re playing, if you are a sniper you’re playing as a sniper just getting that really quick adjustment, if you’re like, you know a high-intensity situation you hit that it will bring it all the way down to the 200 dpi.

I have it set at which is going to let me know really narrow in and get a more precise shot and I’ve always used that when I’m sniping, so people might not use that except that to be something else if you like, but it’s just another reason for me why I always go to this mouse when I’m gaming.

So when I plugged it into my PC and start a gaming did I noticed any changes? Not necessarily, mainly because I set the dpi from my previous mice to be the same as here and just from the muscle memory over the years I’m using a mouse like this I didn’t notice any changes which is good. Just the main difference here being that upgraded hero sensor going to 16,000 dpi.

Optical Mouse Versions

Now with that said, with this Optical Mouse with the previous versions, if you were using this on a white surface the mouse would not track at all, but I noticed now using this on a white desk or a notebook it still tracks. So, if you’re someone who has a white mouse pad or you just have a white desktop with no mouse pad,it is going to work fine for you and before we wrap this up, before I get to my plea to Logitech, we do have an enhanced sort of software now, coming with the G Hub, which just got released alongside the mouse.

Logitech G502 Hero: Mouse Version Software

This is where you can go in and change all your dpi settings. You’re very familiar with you know, my software. So, odds are nothing new to you and with their upgraded G logo on the mouse that is pretty much your only source of RGB lighting on here. You can go in and set it to be a fixed color, it could cycle throughout the color spectrum, breathe colors in and out, but they’ve also added their screen sampling effect, but that was pretty interesting and what this does is it pretty much samples colors from on your display and it will bring it to your mouse.

Logitech G502 Hero: Color changing

So, for example if my wallpaper is like a blue it’ll light up blue, if I put up a new window on there it will go white whatever color you have in a certain section of the screen that you choose to sample it will then reflect that color onto your mouse which is pretty cool. Not really necessary but it’s cool that it does that it’s also going to go in and a link to the light sync speakers, which kind of make this whole screen sampling thing.

I typically, just leave the mice either white or blue when I’m gaming. So, before we wrap this up, I’m going to take this as an opportunity to talk to Logitech for a minute, because I understand a lot of companies out there like I said before, with the higher end numbers 16,000 dpi needed to kind of you know refresh it for 2018 which is understandable but as a long time user and a lover of the g502.


Logitech G502 Hero: Custom Random Frank P1

Got the newer one, my own custom random Frank P1, Yes you should also put out a white version Logitech if you’re listening that’d be great and then the original Spectrum here with g502, longtime user I love the mouse. When I heard, there was a new g502 coming. I was really hoping for a wireless version. I know you guys can do it. The G900 was awesome the g902, I believe it was also great, I would absolutely love if you guys could put out a g502 wireless and that would make my heart very happy.

So if you’re listening, this is my chance to reach out to you guys and say, please make this happen, I’m not alone I see it all the time when Twitter posts, people are requesting a mouse like this and if you’re reading this right now, you should totally hit up ultratech on Twitter and request a wireless g502 or maybe, you know make a white version in the future.

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