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10 Coolest PC Accessories That Are Worth Buying: Useful Guide

Coolest PC Accessories

We are back with another set of the most amazing coolest PC Accessories. Today you are going to see a cute powerful mini cube and a super premium cocoon case for your PC, also get ready for a giant Enter button that you can lie on.

10 Coolest PC Accessories

Razer Tartarus Keypad

Coolest PC Accessories: Razer Tartarus Keypad

Here’s the king of gaming accessories, a great gaming keypad by razer. All the 32 keys are programmable and ready for any action whether it’s gaming or productivity tasks. On the right side, there is a thumb pad that allows smooth motion control with the detachable palm rest you can play for hours without feeling uncomfortable.

The built-in LED lighting system makes each key individually backlit. If you like this keypad you should also check out the pro version. It features pressure sensitive keys which gives you precise control over each movement. You can even set different functions for partial press or full keystroke.

Razer Naga Pro Mouse

Coolest PC Accessories: Razer Naga Pro Mouse

One more item from razer, this gaming mouse features hyper speed wireless performance so, you won’t get any annoying latencies, it comes with three swappable side plates with two six or twelve buttons thanks to the modular magnetic design you can easily switch between them in a matter of seconds of course every button is programmable, so you can set any command you like.

The mouse feet made of a special material are ready to easily slide across any surface thanks to the onboard memory, the mouse remembers all your settings you can even add up to 5 profiles for different configurations. As for the battery life, you’ll get about 150 hours on one charge this is a gamer’s dream.

Fingerprint USB Dongle

Coolest PC Accessories: Fingerprint USB Dongle

Fingerprint sensors seem to be quite a common thing for our mobile devices but if you want to bring that feature to your laptop, take a look at this little dongle. It looks just like a usual bluetooth receiver for your mouse and connects via USB, after a quick installation process and fingerprint setup it’s completely ready to go.

It works extremely fast with a 0.15 second recognition time, you can add up to 10 fingerprints for your friends, family or colleagues not only your fingerprints can unlock the system but also separate files or folders protect any personal data you like with just a few clicks. That would be cool to have in your phone.

Alseye RGB Fan

Coolest PC Accessories: Alseye RGB Fan

Here’s a great CPU Cooler for keeping your computer performance on the highest level. This heatsink is compatible with most chasis. So, your build should be no exception, it’s really easy to install since all the mounting stuff is included in the package, the screws are hidden inside the case not to interrupt the aesthetics but the performance is what matters the most.

So, this thing is equipped with six heating pipes that will keep your CPU running smoothly no matter how loaded it gets and most importantly, it won’t be that noisy. The cooler is also equipped with RGB lights that you can make glow with various colors, your cooler should look cool.

Dygma Raise Keyboard

Coolest PC Accessories: Dygma Raise Keyboard

Take a look at this innovative keyboard, its design is perfect for both gaming and typing and moreover, this keyboard can actually split apart, yup it’s as easy as that there are strong magnets that will keep the parts together, so they hold really tight. The palm pads are also detachable and even washable customization options are almost endless.

You can individually program each key and change layouts whenever you want, the mechanical switches are also swappable, so you can choose the option that suits you best in terms of travel distance and feedback with the integrated RGB lights. The keyboard glows beautifully from inside, they actually went even further and added some lighting tubes to the base so, it’s all around bright and shining.

Azza Cube Mini PC Case

Coolest PC Accessories: Azza Cube Mini PC Case

A powerful PC isn’t necessarily heavy and bulky, this cube mini case features a sleek and compact body but you still have enough space for your hardware. Ofcourse, there are some limitations concerning the size of your motherboard and video card but you’ll get a full size powerful machine. The case can hold two fans, one in the front, one in the rear moreover, the front fan is actually pre-installed. It’s equipped with RGB lighting to glow with various bright colors.

The tempered glass panels make your rig visible from any side and thanks to the magnetic design you can easily slide them open to access your hardware. There are also two storage slots that support both SSD and HDD. If you need more power, there’s a bigger version of this case. You’ll get five fans and larger capacities for your video card and storage but you’ll have to find some extra space.

Enter Key Button

Coolest PC Accessories: Enter Key Button

If you just like everything of a bigger size, here’s a crazy idea for your office or home desk. This is probably the biggest enter button you’ve ever seen so, it’s actually more of a pillow with a button in it. It connects to your computer via USB and well, it really works.

In fact it’s supposed to act as an anti-stress toy when you just need to hit somebody in the middle of the day and you can also lie down on it when nobody is watching. Just be careful not to send anything accidentally.

Razer Gaming Headset

Coolest PC Accessories: Razer Gaming Headset

One more thing that can cheer you up is the pair of cute headphones specifically designed for streamers. The built-in RGB lighting is fully customizable and also stream responsive.

Most importantly, you get a truly immersive surround sound for realistic gaming and a great microphone to talk to your teammates and viewers it features active noise cancellation so, everyone will hear you crystal clear and don’t worry there are multiple color options not just the pink one.

Corsair QL Series Fan

Coolest PC Accessories: Corsair QL Series Fan

This fan by corsair gets really serious about lighting effects so, there are four lighting zones visible from the front and the back. Each of the 34 LEDs is individually addressable which allows some really impressive lighting effects. You’ll get some special software to choose between different patterns and set your own lighting settings.

It also allows to sync the lights with compatible games to create an immersive experience. The fans comes in two sizes 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. So, you can surely find the one for your build it’s extremely silent and powerful at the same time. In addition, the fan is equipped with rubber dampers that reduce vibration, with this thing your build will definitely shine bright.

Stereo Subwoofer AUX FM Hause

Coolest PC Accessories: Stereo Subwoofer AUX FM Hause

Here’s an unusual bluetooth speaker that’s literally packed with backlit elements with the immerse stereo sound easy controls and glanceable information. It’s especially good for gaming, it’s equiepped with bluetooth 5.0 for the fastest zero latency connection or you can use the other interfaces like AUX, USB aur microsd.

Thanks to the large display, the speaker also acts as a clock and an alarm that you can put by your bed it looks fantastic.

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