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Roccat Syn Pro Air: Best Gaming Headset

One feature that distinguishes the Roccat Syn Pro Air from other gaming headphones is its RGB lights. The colourful neon hue has firmly established itself in many gaming peripherals, from vibey illuminated workstations to seizure-inducing keyboards, but gaming firms appear afraid to apply it to headsets but that hasn’t been the case with the Roccat Syn Pro Air.

Roccat Syn Pro Air


Roccat Syn Pro Air: Introduction

Of course, this headgear is capable of more than simply colourful lights. It also comes with 3D audio, a detachable microphone, and a 2.4GHz receiver for fast networking with the PS5, Nintendo Switch (docked mode), and compatible PCs. Make no mistake: this is a high-end headset, costing $149.99 / £129.99. Accomplish these eye-catching cans, however, do enough to make them a legitimate contender in our best gaming headset list, given the stiff competition?


  • For lengthy gaming sessions, it’s really light and comfortable.
  • The matte plastic finish may not be to everyone’s taste.
  • The RGB lighting that may be customised is a lovely touch.

RBG lighting is the hottest gamer fad right now, and Roccat appears to be one of the first headset manufacturers to embrace it. While the RGB in promotional photographs appears to be dazzling and pronounced, the truth is significantly more subtle.

Roccat Syn Pro Air: RGB Design

The AIMO light system, which is built into both sides of each can, delivers pulses of neon light shimmering over either side in a hexagonal, honeycomb-like pattern. It’s interesting, and you can customise it using the NEON app, but it’s essentially a forgettable gimmick. More importantly, each can has its own volume dial, so you can blend game and conversation audio on the go.

In terms of comfort and breathability, the Syn Air comes out on top. While using a headset may sometimes seem like a sauna simulator, Roccat’s newest is surprisingly gentle on the ears and delightfully cool to wear.

The entire item is composed of matte black plastic. The Syn Pro Air does not have the same quality appearance as the Corsair HS75, but the plasticky frame makes it extremely light.

Roccat Syn Pro Air: Battery Life

Despite its low weight, the Syn Pro has an incredible battery life. During testing, the headset ran for a total of 20 hours before needing to be recharged. It’s a tremendously astounding effort, given the Syn Pro’s high level of performance and wide range of capabilities, and one that truly makes using the Syn Pro a delight.

Despite its small size, the Syn Pro boasts a long battery life. The headset lasted a total of 20 hours throughout testing before needing to be recharged. Given the Syn Pro’s high level of performance and vast variety of possibilities, it’s a genuinely remarkable effort, and one that makes using the Syn Pro a joy.

Audio and microphone

  • Musical and gaming performances of the highest calibre
  • The Roccat Neon software allows for simple customization.
  • The detachable microphone performs above average.

Roccat’s newest gaming headset, much to my surprise, has some of the best musical performance I’ve ever heard from a gaming headset. The Roccat Syn pro is surprisingly full-bodied, when many of its competitors deliver either muted, murky-sounding bass or painfully tinny tones.

Roccat Syn Pro Air: Audio and Microphone

Turnstile’s Holiday’s seductive bounce ricochets about my ears, and I’m astonished by how clear and rich this fuzzy punk hymn sounds. It turns out that the Pro Air is just as good with pop. Rocatt’s newest remix of the bass-driven Doja Cat and The Weekend collaboration “You Right” gives the melancholic RNB tune a fascinating feeling of clarity.

While most people won’t be using these headphones for music, it’s always nice to have options when you’re spending £120 on a headset. Despite its musical prowess, the technology isn’t wholly responsible for the results. Roccat’s flagship NEON software, which is connected to my laptop through a USB-A adapter, plays an important role in achieving such a good auditory profile. It has a variety of unique musical features, such as 3D audio and a configurable EQ.              

Roccat Syn Pro Air: Neon Light Combination

When gaming on a PC, the Roccat Neon programme is also quite effective. The sheer range of additional audio modifications results in a perfectly clear PC gaming experience, thanks to audio augmentation software with cringey titles like Super Human Hearing. These software level elements are truly beneficial, especially with the aforementioned perk allowing you to amplify those key multiplayer indications like footsteps and reloads.

The gloomy synthy soundscapes flowed easily around my ears while playing The Ascent, ebbing and flowing between the thud of machine gun fire and the hustle and bustle of Cluster 13’s busy town centre.

However, because Bluetooth isn’t supported, wireless communication is limited to a USB-A dongle. Although a USB-C converter offers support for devices such as the Nintendo Switch, the lack of Bluetooth makes it inconvenient for smartphones. For wired usage, there isn’t even a 3.5mm headphone connection, which severely limits the device’s adaptability.

The Roccat Syn Pro Air has a flip-up, omnidirectional microphone, and while it didn’t quite reach the ecstatic heights of audio performance, this bendy tiny mic is still one of the finest ones I’ve used.

My co-op buddies noted on how crisp and clear my voice sounded amongst the subsequent virtual pandemonium as I jumped into some hectic-sounding party discussions. Unlike many of its competitors, this mic has a wonderful bassy tone that makes voices seem more realistic.


Roccat Syn Pro Air: Final Verdict

The RGB lights on the Roccat Syn Pro Air gaming headset may be the major selling factor for some. However, throughout our testing, we discovered that the long battery life, fantastic audio, and strong companion software made this headset well worth your money. There are few better options if you’re a PC or PlayStation player seeking for a headset that can also play your favourite music.

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