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AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Best Review

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Review

Many chairs compete and some follow in Secretlab’s footsteps, but the new AndaSeat Kaiser 3 stands out as gaming chairs are available in a wide range of pricing and quality, but Secretlab has regularly created winners. It’s remarkably close to the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022, from its perfected assembly technique to its magnetic parts yet at $449 to $549, depending on material and size, AndaSeat is asking for a little less money than the Titan Evo’s current $519 starting price. So, since the Kaiser 3 is so similar to the Titan Evo 2022, let’s see how close they are.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 – Design and Features

AndaSeat Kaiser 3: Design and Features

In its XL form, the AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is a throne, with a somewhat bigger seat than the ordinary large. Finally, owing to a flatter form that eliminates the unnecessary bolsters on either side, both variants benefit from a more expansive seating space. Despite the chair’s two side lips, they’re stuffed with cushions, making it a pleasant place to sit.

The lack of bolsters on the seat does not change the fact that this is a gaming chair. It still has a swoopy backrest that swoops in on each side of the body and pulls forward in the shoulder for an impossible-to-AFK position. There are still two large holes through which lumbar pillow straps may have passed, but AndaSeat has changed its ergonomics as well.

The Kaiser 3 includes an adjustable lumbar support built into the backrest that can be modified with a dial on either side of the chair. The lumbar support may be raised or lowered, and the bulge can be increased or decreased. It’s not the most transparent design for a lumbar system, since it’s difficult to see anything going on within the chair’s fabric, but it works and is nearly identical to the Titan Evo 2022 and the DXRacer Master Module’s system.

A soft, memory foam pillow that snaps on using magnets and has a broad range of height adjustment is also added to the headrest. Then there are the 4D armrests, which are identical to all other 4D armrests but with slightly softer tops that can be removed with magnets.

Removing the armrest toppers may not seem like a good idea, but AndaSeat claims a lapboard-style attachment will be available in the next few months. Unfortunately, the pivot adjustment buttons on the Kaiser 3 and Titan Evo 2022 armrests do not appear to be interchangeable, as they are different forms (the only notable difference I can see).

AndaSeat Kaiser 3: Arnrests

At this price, the Kaiser 3 features some of the other gaming chair extras I’d anticipate. It can recline all the way down to 165 degrees, and the seatbase shakes, allowing it to recline even farther. Its 2.7-inch height adjustment range is adequate but not exceptional, yet the armrests’ considerable height adjustment makes up for it.

The chair is available in a PVC leather finish, which is common on gaming seats, or a linen fabric finish, which is highly pleasant. The heathered Ash Gray of the model I tried covers flaws nicely, but it’s prone to getting filthy more easily.

The Kaiser provides ample sitting at either size, with a large seat measuring 20.2 x 19.6 inches and an XL seat measuring 20.6 x 22.4 inches, making it a potential big-and-tall gaming chair option. Both versions include a heavy-duty Class-4 gas lift that can take a lot of weight, however the big is only intended for those who weigh up to 260 pounds, while the XL can carry up to 395 pounds. This is similar to the Titan Evo 2022, but significantly less than the 550-pound maximum of the E-Win Flash XL.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 – Assembly

AndaSeat Kaiser 3: Assembly

The Kaiser 3’s construction is about as simple as it gets when it comes to gaming chairs that don’t come pre-assembled. The piston, wheels, and wheelbase must all be inserted into one another. The seatback must be connected to the seatbase, and the tilting seatbase must be bolted to the bottom of the seat. The armrests are already fastened, which saves time.

The Kaiser 3 is similar to the Titan Evo in this regard, since the seatback incorporates an alignment rail to assist in aligning it with the attachment arm. This makes it significantly easier to put together, but it took some fiddling to get the holes on the opposite side to match up. Even yet, the procedure took less than 15 minutes to complete on its own.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 – Gaming

It’s amazing how much of a difference a few little design adjustments can make. The seatbase has to be the most useful modification. After many hours in various gaming chairs, including AndaSeat’s own, the lack of metal bolsters fully eliminated the nagging sensation that may grow into a painful place at the sides of my legs. I can work and play for hours on end in the Kaiser 3 without experiencing any sore patches in my legs like this.

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Gaming

I’ve played Elden Ring for dozens of hours and worked in the Kaiser 3 for much longer, and it’s shown to be a good companion in the endeavour. The armrests adjust to fit my somewhat higher-than-normal desk, allowing me to have good wrist ergonomics for mouse and keyboard play and work. The armrests are low enough for me to sit back comfortably, and they angle in well enough for me to grab my hands on a controller when I want to play.

For a posture, the chair is a little too harsh. This is quite common for gaming seats, but if you’re used to office chairs, it might be a bit bothersome. This is a slightly hunched back stance with the shoulders forward. So far, it hasn’t caused me any problems, but I’m left with the impression that my posture in the chair will never be completely correct. My upper back seems less supported, despite the fact that the lumbar support can position itself perfectly where I need it for strong low-back support.

The seatbase, thankfully, compensates for the backrest. I don’t mind sitting forward and erect with my back away from the backrest since it provides wonderful support. I’m sitting in that seat weighing over 220 pounds, so lighter gamers will probably find it even more comfy. Meanwhile, at 6’3″, there’s still enough on the backrest for a taller gamer’s cushion to go up.


The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 adds to the series’ design with a broad seatbase that eliminates metal bolsters for hours of relaxation and a built-in adjustable lumbar support. It employs gimmicky but not ineffective magnets here and there, and it provides all of the goodies that one would expect at this price in a well-polished package. It’s not ideal, with certain flaws due to the aggressive racing-style design, but it’s still a fantastic chair.

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